Special Offer > Yuki 3135 movement special offer w/ rotor plating defect
Yuki 3135 movement special offer w/ rotor plating defect

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High Quality Yuki 3135 movement special offer with rotor plating defect.

It is the famous Rolex automatic movement with date in Asia Clone version.

Same Dimension with gen Rolex cal.3135, can fit gen 3135 / 3035 hand set.

Same diameter, thickness and dial feet.

Stem diameter is standard 0.8mm, Same as gen 3135 movement.

This movement is same quality with our High Quality Yuki 3135 movement,

Only different is an automatic rotor have plating air bubble defect.

Please clarify before purchase it !!!

*** Standard Yuki 3135 comes directly from the factory.
Due to the dirty conditions in which the movements are assembled,
it is highly recommended that they
be serviced first ***

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Y3135 clone quick set date operation:

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