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23 Jan 2010


Posted 23 January 2010 - 07:40 AM

This Story started when i was ten years old and glued to the big screen,re-showing Goldfinger!

the highlights of this bond movie, lets see there was that hat,the golden naked lady,

the aston martin,and the scene that captured my attention was that close up shot of bonds rolex.

With the internet i started realizing that i wasent the only one that loved the bond rolex,

after finding that prices of gen 6538s were way out of my price range and rare,i was unable to find a correct looking replica.

Then i found yukiwatch who could supply me with case,dial,handset

i had to sell my large collection of reps to finance this project! my bond strap from corvus watches

which i modified by cutting the steel keepers and making a cloth keeper as worn by sean connery,

then when the parts arrived, i thought i have to find a real 1030 rolex movement i haunted ebay for weeks!

After being out bid twice,i asked yukiwatch if he knew of anyone who had 1030 rolex movement,and was suprised

he had one so i could complete this lifelong quest for a jb 6538 watch!

Please excuse my photos i will have to replace my camera!
First three photos (parts) were taken by yukiwatch!

i wish to thank them for suppling parts for my dream watch!
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