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28 Jul 2009


Posted 28 July 2009 - 12:03 AM

Well, after accumulating and spending a fortune on parts, it looks like I'm done the project. Well, 99% done. The rivit on the 93150 buckle is so worn that I'm afraid to wear it in fear of it breaking and losing the watch. I've replace it with a rep buckle for now.

Here are some pics.

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Dial, hand set and insert are all new Rolex service replacement parts. This is what your 1680 would look like when she came back from the spa if you requested all new parts. All Super-Luminova and do they ever glow! But if this baby did come from the Rolex spa, they would have swapped out the date disc as well. I opted for a NOS brushed silver disc with Flat Top 3's.
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I like this shot and how our teak patio table is reflecting on the case back.

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Gotta love the side profile of a 1680. Please ignore the buckle. It is only temporary.

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Oh yes! Did I mention the lume! Nothing like factory Rolex lume! This baby glows like crazy!
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Even in bright daylight, you can see a slight green hue in shadows. You can barely notice in this shot. And the room was bright!
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Here she is posing with a couple cousins!
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Again... gotta love the side profiles and the acrylic crystal.
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What's involved.
fully serviced 1570, new mainspring, date disc swap.
genuine dial, hand set and insert
genuine 93150. I have the 93150 buckle, but rep is in picture. gen springbars
genuine crystal, not top hat, but still nice
genuine tube and crown. both modern replacements.
custom yuki case. custom engravings and serial. Serial is the same as from donor watch so it matches COSC on movement. Not like there are any records or that this baby is going to RSC, but at least I know the origin of the serial! The case is nice. Everything fits tight. Tube is perfect fit, endlinks fit tight, bezel assembly fits tight, insert snaps in tight, crystal snaps on tight. Edges on case are not sharp, and case looks like it has received a slight polish. Bevels are not sharp on lugs.

My plan was to go for a 1680 that would have come back from RSC. New dial, new hands, new insert, new tube and crown, and slight polish. Not a purist dream, but a hell of a lot easier, and probably cheaper then trying to find a dial, hands, and insert with matching patina. And also, I can read a book in bed by the glow of the lume! So it is also useful.

Thanks for looking!