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2 Aug 2009


Posted 02 August 2009 - 11:40 AM

For those of you who have been following my long 6536 project saga, I want to let you know that Yuki has bent over backwards to correct the mistake the factory made with my case, which is apparently a 1-off design that was made for me (for those who are unfamiliar - the problem is that I purchased the case with the understanding that it was made to gen specs & would fit gen parts, but the dial retaining shelf is about .75mm larger than the 27mm dial, so there is a slight gap around the dial). After a few emails back & forth, today, Yuki admitted fault, apologized for their mistake & offered my choice of either a full refund or to return the case & they will have a dial custom made to fit the case (How is that for customer service!!!!).

Of course, because the watch turned out so well, I am not terribly eager to take it apart & part with the case, especially since I have little confidence that the factory will be able to equal my present dial (which, unlike all the competition, is nearly perfect.....not to mention modded/tropical). So I am trying to work out an alternative option that will be fair to both parties. But I just have to say that for a business so many in the media (not to mention, the gen world) refer to as being rife with nothing but thieves & charlatans, my experience with Yuki (this is the 3rd purchase I have made from them) has been nothing but exemplary. And, although the same cannot be said about the quality of the case, Yuki's customer service & support has been outstanding.
Highly Recommended.