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1 Sep 2010


Posted 01 September 2010 - 04:22 AM

One of the most desired watches in our community is probably Rolex's Daytona Cosmograph in its vintage form, the 6263.

Excellent cases for those willing to build/have build an almost indistinguishable rep exist with DW's cases supposedly due to its excellent price tag being the most chosen alternative. No matter what route you choose on this long and very, always more than anticipated, expensive journey sooner or later you will be stuck with the decision which bracelet to fit on your Daytona.

In this pictorial I want to introduce three options and also point out their differences. I will also try to give my conclusion what I consider the most suitable one while providing everyone with good enough pictures to decide on their own.

I added some watermarks to my pictures so they won't get abused for scam ebay listings, etc. I hope these don't distract too much.
Let's go. B)


The contestants, all brand-new, from top to bottom: Gen Rolex 78350, Yuki 78350 and DW's stock option

Resized to 93% (was 1111 x 500) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Resized to 91% (was 1132 x 500) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

Resized to 96% (was 1074 x 487) - Click image to enlargePosted Image

The first and most noticeable difference when comparing them side-by-side is their length. The gen bracelet has one link less than the other two options, they all have 5 removable links however. Also the different shape of the clasp and coronet on it are easily noticeable.
Quality and feel-wise the DW bracelet I received feels ridiculously cheap compared to the other two. It's rattling uncomfortably and the clasp won't close properly. The other two options are very much alike with Yuki's 78350 rattling a tad more and generally feeling a little less substantial than the gen.

Yuki's and Rolex's bracelets middle-links are flexible while DW's aren't. This again makes those two much more comfortable to wear than the stock option.

Shine-like Rolex's gen seems a little bit duller than the other two to me. I don't know if this is due to different kinds of metal being used or why this is the case. This is only noticeable when comparing the bracelets side-by-side however.

Springbar Guide
The guide where you fit the removable endlinks by springbars is differently shaped on the gen compared to the other two options. Gen Rolex springbars fit each option nonetheless.

Clasp Coronet

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Not much here which isn't very apparent. Form and position of each coronet is very different.

Rolex's coronet is beautiful, crisp and very elegant, whereas Yuki's got an "ironed-on" and clownish look to it which is only surpassed by DW's comically wrong and ugly example.
For me this huge tell is very, very bothersome on both aftermarket options. :thumbdown:
My DW clasp doesn't close properly while on Yuki's and of course Rolex's bracelets this works flawlessly.

Clasp Back

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Again I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

Rolex's engraving again is very accurate, crisp and clear. Yuki partly succeeds in imitating the Rolex logo adequately but omits information concerning reference number and (supposedly) production date code. DW's logo is noticeable wrong and though it tries to incorporate reference number and other information there are only some fantasy numbers printed in their place.

For me nothing much to worry about since hardly anyone will be close enough to examine the clasp back closely. :)

Open Clasp

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Not much to add here.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I took pictures of both ends, but decided to show only one since they are identical on each bracelet anyway.
Rolex very small and accurate, Yuki noticeable bigger and bolder, amazingly DW manages to replicate this engraving better than Yuki. Then again this isn't important in any way.


Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

This is how Rolex's and Yuki's bracelet (I didn't bother to put on DW's ridiculous non-closing bracelet on my watch again) looks fitted on my case using gen 571 endlinks.
Rolex's looks slightly better since the endlinks fit the bracelet better which is supposedly due to the different shape of the springbar guide. The difference is a slightly bigger "gap" between endlink and bracelet as can be seen when you compare this on the bottom part of each picture.

Btw. this is how my DW-"assembled" 6263 looked (and still looks) when it arrived over half a year ago (minus gen Tropic 21). :(


So, which one is the winner?

Well for one: DW's definitely not. The stock bracelet is ridiculously cheap looking, cheap-feeling and a plain nuisance! Mine didn't close, rattled and almost made me throw my MM 6263 (which also arrived broken) straight in the trash.

So which one, Yuki's or Rolex?

Regarding price, I paid almost 500€ for a brand-new 78350 with gen 571 endlinks.:black_eye: That's steep keeping in mind Yuki's option is ~50€ but then again it comes with 557B endlinks so you would need gen 571 endlinks (hard to source, the last I saw sold for 250€ on the bay) to compare.

If a 6263 is your grail-watch or a high-end V72 rep, especially one with gen dial, I would definitely vote gen! First because while Yuki's 78350 is pretty good there are several flaws (especially the clasp) which simply wouldn't satisfy someone who is in the market for the best of the best and, seriously, once you've spend your money on a V72 and a gen dial a gen bracelet incl. endlinks doesn't matter anymore. ;)
For a beater 7750 6263 Yuki's bracelet will probably suffice but then again the knowledge of a better option with better clasp and slightly better fit would really bother me. And as all of us know, nothing beats gen, plain and simple.

Will I keep mine? I really wish but a MBW 16520 case (which I'm currently being offered) is expensive. I'll probably keep my second 8) ;) pair of gen 571s and get another 78350 once I've got my budget in order again. <_<

I hope this article is of some use and I have succeeded in giving back something interesting to this amazing community.
Cheers! :drinks: