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Customer Projects & News of us > First Build a 6538 could use some opinions & sugestions

18 Jul 2012

This is my 6538 Tropical, Also have a 4 liner 'safe queen' but havent got around to snapping a photo yet.

For my cases I used Yuki's 5510 (A lot less wokky than their 6538's) and sourced a couple of gen parts on Ebay and VRM (Gen 8mm crown and tubes, tropic 17's) ETA 2824's.

Yuki has adapter set's which will save you money using an ETA instead of trying to buy a vintage movement on the Bay and servicing it. And Yuki's 7206 bracelet comes highly recommended. All in all its going to cost some $$$ but the end result should be a nice big crown sub with a lot less flaws than straight out modding a cartel piece.  

Thank you for devilva those photo and content