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19 Sep 2012

Today after record delivery time(sat posted and delivered today to UK!!) I received my 3135 clone from Yukiwatch.

It was well packaged in plenty of bubble wrap.

This is how it arrived after opening.

Here is shot without rep DW and then a pic with it fitted and working perfeclty!

Then came the fitting of the dial which was no problem and has little screws to secure the dial feet in place.

Next the hands. All go on without any issue whatsoever!!. One thing to note and this may be the case on a genuine 3135 but the canon pinions are stepped so that the hands sit perfeclty in the right place! impressed with that I must say!

I never had an early version of this movement and have not got a genuine 3135 stem but there is no thin section on this stem to break!

Here are a couple of pics in the case.

I will let you draw your own conclusions as to whether this is an updated version but it seems to be working well and does not appear to have the issues of the ealry movement.
The dial and hands brings this watch alive though!!

***Speical thank you for "watcher" provide those photo and article***