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20 Oct 2014

Just got this back from mymanmatt and thought I’d post a few pics as I believe it’s the first Datejust on forums with the Yuki movement.
This is my third project with Matt and anyone into DJs and DDs should already worship him as the go-to guy for custom builds.
Matt previously assembled two DJs for me with gen cases and ETA 2824s
but I’m not happy with the low hand height and having to clip the feet off gen dials.
So, I thought I’d give the Yuki a try. For this build I sent Matt a gen 16233 case, 
gen crystal, gen bezel, gen dial, gen crown
and aftermarket hands and datewheel to fit the Rolex 3135 movement.

According to Matt, everything went smoothly with two exceptions.
First, the gen crown did not work because the post is too long.
He had to change it for another crown which may not be gen.
More research is needed to determine whether or not this is an issue with the Y3135 and all gen crowns on DJ cases.
The second oddity Matt ran into was an ant… that’s right,
the species best known for ruining your picnic.
Apparently, he discovered the dead bug when changing the DW. That is all I have to report on this issue.


I’ve had the watch for nearly two weeks now and have to say it’s amazing.
The hand height is very gen-like.
It’s running a bit slow (losing about 2 mins/week) and
the date doesn’t fully turn over until 2am but otherwise no complaints.

A few final comments: In additional to the parts I’ve already noted,
I used gen end links and a gen clasp.
The bracelet is aftermarket but looks really good,
especially for the bargain bin price of $19.95.
The Y3135 cost about $140 more than the gen ETAs I previously bought from Star Time.
Including all of the parts and Matt’s fee,
I estimate that this build cost me about a third the price of a 100% gen version and
I would have no problem walking into an AD with this one on my wrist.
Thanks for looking!

Thank for the detail photo and information provide by raiser