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20 Mar 2015

1016 Build with Yuki dial & hands

My 1016 build included some of following parts:

Dial and hand - Yuki

Movement - Clone 2824(Seagull)

I'm not sure Yuki's dial and hands are correct enough but I can guarantee that they are well made with sharp & vivid printings.

Lume is not bad but not superb neither. I'm saying maybe because I compared my 1016 to seiko divers which has super hyper bright lume

-Yuki : www.yukiwatch.com

Seagull 2824 clone movement has very beautiful decorations which is always good to have. I've heard they are reliable if I give it a good service regulary as most of other eta clone movement.

-An Ebay seller : http://www.ebay.com/...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT

now, let me show you my 1016. Photos will tell thounds of words.

Thank for the detail photo and information provide by bluesme519