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14 May 2015

I just wanted to let you know that the build came out great. 
Let me tell you what it is.

My first one is all original Rolex, except the case. 
The case is a TC. 
I had though I got a Phong case but when I got it the real 3135 didn't fit. 
So I had my TC 16610LV that was 4 years old and I know his case fits an 3135 so I sent that to the watch maker,
Misiekped (Mike) who knows you well he said.
He took that apart and build my 16610 with everything real except the case.

I ordered another TC case because I had brought 3 movements from you. 
So I sent the movement to (Mike) He did wonders. 
He took all the parts that I had in my TC 16610LV I did get original crystal (LEC),
crown and tube, LV insert, for your movement we got a bunch of original parts and original hands and original date wheel. 
I wear that watch every day. 
I am in love with your 3135 movement. 
I'm going to do another one for a friend, 
Anyway, Just wanted to send you a few pics of the completed watch.

The last picture is the parts that he removed from your movement and ordered them from Rolex to replace. 
Look close at the pictures.  Look how great the original crystal and the hands are. 

So thank you again. 
You made me very happy. 
I still have two of your movement and I plan on using them in the up coming months.

Thank for the detail photo and information provide by OCCB2