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Customer Projects & News of us > Yuki movement 3135 converted to a 3185 in GMT II 116710

18 Jul 2015

Hey Yuki, It's OCCB2 in the forums.  I have to write to you again. 
Remember the TC 16610LV that I had your movement put into?  Well I've out done that one. 
You have to see this to believe it.

Well your movement is incredible.  With that said. 

My watch maker Misiekped (Mike) took your Yuki 3135 and with gen parts makes it a 3185 GMT movement. 
I know its incredible but true. So I went out to do a project. 

When I met up with him to pick up my two watches the last time. 
He had serviced my Sub Gen 3135 and built the TC 16610LV using your movement and a gen date disk and hands and crystal and crown and tube and insert. 
He, Misiekped (Mike) was wearing a GMT 116710. 
He told me that he took your yuki 3135 and since it takes real Rolex parts,
he built up the watch to be a 3185 and installed it in a Noob V2 GMT 116710. 
It looked incredible. 
I got bit by the bug.

So over the last 4 months I started to get the parts. 
I already had your movement. 
I don't know if you remember I brought one then used it in the LV built and then brought two more. 

I got the real Rolex 116710 parts.  I'll list them.

Real bezel and ceramic bezel insert

Real GMTII dial (BLUE)

Real GMT 116710 hands (BLUE)

Real Crystal LEC

Real crown.

Real date disk.

Real parts to strengthen the Yuki 3135

Real parts to convert the Yuki 3135 to a 3185

The case and bracelet are the only thing that is not real Rolex. 
Oh and the movement. 
Now the movement is what I call a hybrid Yuki/Rolex 3185.  Misiekped (Mike) of course took the Yuki apart and serviced and oiled the movement.

Gave it all to Misiekped (Mike) and wow. I will send pics. 

Before I send pics I will explain the movement.  First.  It is a pain in the ass.  LOL. 
It is for all scenes and purpose a 3185.  To adjust the GMT hand,
you have to use the crown and go to the setting for the GMT and move it around with the min hand just like the real 3185. 
Then the hours jump hour to hour just like the real one.  There is no quick set.  Just like the real Rolex GMT. 
You have to jump hour to hour for a day for the date to change.  Even when you go backwards.  Just like the rolex. 
The date changes a 3 am.  Only when you are going backwards. 
The hand stack is just like the Rolex 3185. 

I have been wearing it for 4 days and I have lost 4 seconds. 
I check it every day and also put it on my time computer and it is all over the place on the screen but I can tell you wearing it that,
that is all I have lost.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 
I have one more of your movements left.  What to make Next? 
That is the question.  I might have to order like 2 more or you can send me for all my bragging.....LOL...
I've posted it in the forums just to show how great this movement is. 
Free advertisement. 

Anyway.  Here is the eye candy.

Thank for the detail photo and information provide by OCCB2