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Customer Projects & News of us > Y3135 clone 16610 LV sub project --- part 2

1 Nov 2015

Thank you.

I wear that watch "Yuki movement 3135 converted to a 3185 in GMT II 116710"  all the time. 

You have got to see how beautiful it came out.


Also you want to see beauty.  
This is your movement with a real Rolex winding bridge that is stamped 3135.
Also it has a real automatic winding bridge with all the gearing.  
I am amazed how every part I put in from a real 3135 fits on this.  
You have no Idea how much I love your movement.  
Here is a picture of my 16610 LV which you also have in your stories you put it up about 6 months ago.


You can see its your movement because of the balance wheel and bridge and the Yuki serial number.  
Look how beautiful it looks. 

Update my LV article and show people how it will look. 

It wasn't cheap. 

I got the parts new and the auto bridge with the gears and rotor weight cost about $450

and the winding bridge that saids 3135 on it cost me $250

so it is an extra $700 dollars But my God look at it. 

It is a 3135. 

Like I said I love your movement. 

The stuff myself and my watch maker do with it.  
I want to thank you for making it. 

Thank for the detail photo and information provide by OCCB2