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24 Jun 2016

Hey guys!!
I would like to start my first thread, show my SubC Franken ticking with Yuki 3135.

I decided to make my Franken SubC when I got latest noob SubC V6S with SA3135.
It has great case and bracelet ever but bezel and dial still not satisfied me…bezel and Dial has nicely font but terrible color so faint.

Then I got some Gen parts…and start building.

Exterior Components

Noob V6S-3135 case
Noob V6S-3135 crystal
Noob V6S-3135 Bracelet&Crasp
Gen Dial(MKIII)
Gen Insert
Gen Bezel
Gen Crown 24-704-0



I have three various 3135
Rolex3135 : Yuki3135 : SA3135 (Rolex 3135 looks bigger because it was placed in a higher position.)

Rolex3135 is one of the most beautiful movement, I love it.

As you know Yuki3135 is great choice for making Rolex Franken.
It has same direction of time setting and crown position as Gen3135 and also has reliability.
It can accept whole Gen parts (except for Balance Wheel system.)

SA3135 has nice engraving as gen, but it has completely different keyless system from Gen and Yuki.
There is no compliant parts, therefore should use very carefully.

Yuki3135 with V6S hands and installing some of Gen parts.

Gen parts installed…

-Oscillating weight - Part3135-570
-Automatic Device Lower Bridge - Part 3135-135
-Automatic Device Upper Bridge - Part 3135-140
-Driving Wheel for Ratchet Wheel - Part 3135-510
-Reversing Wheel - Part 3135-5400 x2
-Spring-Clip for Oscillating Weight - Part 3135-560-1
-Pinion for Oscillating Weight - Part 3135-550
-Click Screw - Part 3135-5115
-Click Screw x3 - Part 3135-5110
-Caliber Bridle for Spring Clip - Part 3135-561

Date wheel
Date Indicator Seating - Part 3135-600
Date Jumper - Part 3135-614
Cam Yoke Spring - Part 3135-635

As YUKI watch said

“As people know the factory in mainland is too dirty and full of dust,
So normally we suggest our client serviced the movt before assembly the watch.”

My Yuki3135 also appeared to be not in perfect condition.

First, I service the movement.

Cleaning up, lubricating, installing Gen parts…

service well done

I have to write a thank-you Yuki Watch here, I was very impressed their perfect support for my Yuki3135.
They respond quickly to the request of spare parts, with thought full bonus.


Gen(MKIII) : BP(MKII rep) : Noob(MKI rep)
It is difficult to point out the difference in the picture above, the real dial is completely different.
Honestly Noob dial is suck.
BP dial is worth to buy for installing SubC instead of Noob dial, it has a bit thicker font because it has stronger white print as a Gen dial.
I don’t think that bolder font is the big flaw, I prefer strong white print.
You can get this best rep dial only 10% or less price of a Gen.

Of course I go with Gen dial.


V6S uses fitting metal and screw to case it is too much hussle, way different from the Gen casing.
I tried to get Gen casing screw(3135-5100), but couldn't.

I find Yuki casing screw for 1570 & 1030 is compatible to 3135 casing.
It is almost same screw 3135-5100, easy to clamp the movement.

You can see SA3135 fitting metal and Yuki casing screw for 1570 & 1030 in photo below.

Put the hands and into the case.

but not completed, still looking for Gen crystal, Hands and retainer ring…

Thank you for reading!!
It would be nice for someone to be interested in building a franken SubC.


Thank for the detail photo and information provide by takks